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Après La Nuit - Are You Ready For Love (CD)

Après La Nuit - Are You Ready For Love (CD)


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Released on: 27. May 2022

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"Are You Ready For Love" is the magnificent first album of the new electro-romantic project "Après La Nuit" by Richard Abdeni (Les Anges De La Nuit) and Marilyne B.

Together as a bilingual duo (English and French), they will lead you to horizons soaked with rhythmic melancholy, whose inalienable hope will erase the footprints of their pain in the sand.

The collaboration was born out of a personal tragedy - the far-too-early death of Richard's younger brother - which brought him closer to Marilyne, his brother's closest friend. Together, through their shared passion for music, they tried to work through their deep pain by working on their first studio album, titled "Are You Ready For Love."

A persistent beat makes each melody stronger and unforgettable, while Marilyne's smoky and moving voice accompanies the listeners with Richard's words. Her timbre sometimes becomes a shadow of Richard's heartfelt vocals.

The work is divided into four themes: Death and Mourning, Darkness, Brightness, Hope and LOVE. The "love" is noticeable from the beginning of the album with "Mon Amour" and a little later with "Are You Ready For Love". These songs immortalize in music the absent brother or friend as well as the love for which each of us becomes king or beggar at certain times in his/her life.

"Bye Bye Mon Petit Frère" and "My Leprechaun Within" bring loss and darkness, while "Dolce Vita" is the hopeful glimpse of the future we all long for ...

APRÈS LA NUIT invites you to embark on a musical journey full of emotions and explore survival instincts to find a better tomorrow. Because without music, life does not have the same spice ...


No. Track Time
1 Mon Amour 03:40
2 Dolce Vita 03:57
3 My Leprechaun Within 03:40
4 The Sea 02:37
5 The Second Witch 03:53
6 Are You Ready For Love (Original Mix) 03:32
7 Gabriel 04:30
8 Bye Bye Mon Petit Frere 04:25
9 In The Name Of 04:14
10 The March Of The Agnus Dei 02:24
11 Are You Ready For Love (Special Edit) 03:32
12 Mon Amour (Stringer Mix) 04:14
13 Mon Amour (Mark Loodewijk Remix) 03:19
14 Are You Ready For Love (Obsession Of Time Remix) 04:08
15 Are You Ready For Love (Cyborgdrive Remix) 04:01

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