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Attention System - Wait For My Signal (CD)

Attention System - Wait For My Signal (CD)


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Released on: 04. June 2010

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The first time ATTENTION SYSTEM sat down together with their instruments in the summer of 2008, they had one common goal in mind: to write music that would make people dance.

With darkwave and punk at their core, Brian Fisher (vocals, keys), Joshua Broughton (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Davis (guitar), Chris Edmonds (bass)and Jason Curtis (drums) were ready for something new. Dabbling in the world of electronics, they've managed to fuse '80s synth pop with their darker undertones - and they've created what they only half-jokingly like to call "a rock band who's mugged an electronica band and is digging through a stolen, dirty pair of pants for extra synth lines."

And here it is: "Wait For My Signal". Twelve tracks of catchy but dark electro rock which will make people dance everywhere.


No. Track Time
1 Resistant Transistor 04:40
2 Now's Your Time 03:47
3 Siren's City 05:06
4 Bot Killer 04:36
5 Drastic Measures 02:48
6 Miss Machine 04:14
7 Alibi For a Paranoid Existence) 04:33
8 The Curious Times 03:45
9 Radio Silence 04:12
10 Die Trying 05:16
11 Nothing in My Head 04:49
12 Intruder 04:23

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