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Attrition - Black Maria (CD)

Attrition - Black Maria (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 17. Mai 2024

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Limited edition of 300 copies in 6 panel softpack. With a signed postcard size print from the album cover sessions.

The long awaited first all new album in years from the legendary darkwave pioneers!

"The audio equivalent of a surrealist artist's darkest painting..." Not the Amp/USA Teaming up with the glorious baroque female vocalists Emke from Black Nail Cabaret, Elisa Day from Hetaira Decrépita and Yvette from Vaselyne is a genius move from the ATTRITION founder, with their voices lending filigrees of ghostly ambience to the band’s rich and distinctive sound... But it’s the return of original ATTRITION vocalist Julia after 20 years that elevates this album to another realm – peerless.

Includes remixed/remastered versions of the singles "The Great Derailer" and "The Alibi" and a reworking of “The Voice of Truth” (originally commissioned for Coventry’s City of Culture year 2021) The music weaves and shifts between gothic/industrial, neo-classical and dark ambient soundscapes, with founding member Martin Bowes’s lyrics fearlessly exploring the themes that bind and break us all - life, love, longing, Loss and death – From the politics of Manipulation: personal and state, to the uncertainties of theosophical and philosophical thought. delivered in his dangerously anarchic yet melancholic growl.

With special guest appearances from Alia Miroshichenko (Subterranea) Annie Hogan (Marc and the Mambas etc) on Grand Piano, Vancorvid and Marietta Fox on Violins, Ian Arkley (My Silent Wake) on Guitar, Steve Clarke (Futumche) on additional guitar/bass, and Kris Force on Cello.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Promise --
2 The Great Derailer --
3 The Switch --
4 The Pillar II --
5 The Alibi --
6 The Reprisal --
7 The Zero Hour --
8 The Black Maria --

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