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Autoclav1.1 - Broken Beats for Broken Hearts / Remixes (CD)

Autoclav1.1 - Broken Beats for Broken Hearts / Remixes (CD)


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Released on: 04. April 2008

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Industrial from USA.

Among electronic musicians, there are few able to infuse a real human element into their compositions with the sincerity and conviction of Tony Young, aka Autoclav1.1. In his compositions, amid the scattered, paranoid breaks and steel-cold threads of industrial ambience, threading through the somber melodies and creaking IDM-infused spatters of noise, is a striking honesty and fragile intensity that is both unexpected and endlessly rewarding. It is this tense balance of synthetic, sterile soundscapes and scathing vulnerability that sets this project aside from most acts in the dark-IDM genre, and sets it well above most of its contemporaries.

"Broken Beats for Broken Hearts" is a collection of 14 remixed tracks from Autoclav1.1's first two CDs, "You Are My All" and "More and Visitor Attractions", reworked and reinvented by some of the most acclaimed purveyors of modern dark electronics and hard industrial rhythm.


No. Track Time
1 Fault (Oil 10 Remix) --
2 All Unwired and Behind You (ESA Remix) --
3 Small Days (DJ Hidden Remix) --
4 By My Own Admission (C-Drone-Defect Remix) --
5 This is Untitled (Wast3 Remix) --
6 White Cover (Cervello Elettronico Remix) --
7 Small Days (Keef Baker Remix) --
8 Obligatory Interlude part 2 (Iszoloscope Remix) --
9 Fault (Eva/3 Remix) --
10 This is Untitled (Synnack Remix) --
11 Nothing but Pillow Teeth (Alter der Ruine Remix) --
12 All Unwired and Behind You (Lith Remix) --
13 White Cover (Slacknote Remix) --
14 We All Have a Window (Mothboy Remix) --

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