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Avarice In Audio - Our Idols Are Filth (CD)

Avarice In Audio - Our Idols Are Filth (CD)


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Released on: 21. October 2022

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Reduced to its core duo after the release of “From The Rib Of Adam”, Gerry and Lawrie are again at the helm of the AVARICE IN AUDIO battleship. For two years the Australian boys have been working in silence, crafting a record just for clubs while the world burned outside… And now that lockdowns are ending, the time to unleash this monster from its cage has finally come!

From the opener “Wholesome As Hollywood” to the closer “Shock Value”, “Our Idols Are Filth” is two things, a nostalgic love letter to the late 2000’s dark electro scene, and a vicious screed against the modern world. Eschewing the soundscapes of previous material, “Our Idols Are Filth” has been built from the ground up as an album for the clubs. Pulsating basslines, blistering percussion and garage band guitars mixed with the catchy synth work AVARICE IN AUDIO has become synonymous with, “Our Idols Are Filth” is a record for the world reopening after lockdown, to embrace the pain and dance it away all the same. It is a loud, unrelenting and violent assault on the senses from all angles.

Featuring collaborations with the prolific tribal EBM band IVARDENSPHERE and Italian industrial EBM project T-ERROR MACHINEZ, AVARICE IN AUDIO endeavour to bring you a harsh, stompy and aggressive album unapologetically designed for the dance floor. Inspired for your ultimate pleasure by 2000’s era DAWN OF ASHES, TACTICAL SEKT, SUICIDE COMMANDO, GRENDEL & ALIEN VAMPIRES.


No. Track Time
1 Wholesome As Hollywood --
2 The Language Of Violence --
3 The Never Never (feat. iVardensphere) --
4 Girls No More --
5 War Tanz --
6 The Sky Is Falling --
7 Do Unto Others --
8 Gutter Press --
9 Destroy Something Beautiful --
10 Hate Your Blood --
11 We Want Barabbas --
12 Brand New Goldstein (feat. T-Error Machinez) --
13 Shock Value --

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