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Black Selket - Unleash The Beast (CD)

Black Selket - Unleash The Beast (CD)


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Released on: 02. February 2024

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packaging: transparent jewel-case in outer luxury box

Unleash The Beast is the second solo chapter from Black Selket (Sander Kapper) who is also responsible for composition of all Stahlnebel & Black Selket songs and tons of remixes for many well known acts. Now Blackselket releases its new album with 10 dark industrial and ebm pounding tracks. Featuring guest vocals by Fredrik Croona (Against, I, Rotncore), Jen Draven (13th Angel), Jan Ricker (Wolfchild), Ralph Neuhaus (Stahlnebel) and Sander himself plus guest music appearances by Robert van Kooij (Wolfchild).

Sander Kapper shows his capability of his musical skills and delivers well-driven melodic songs from start to end and shows a pretty well variety of songs that takes you from one boom-bass-kicking track to another. Want bass? Check! Want Melodies? Check! This album has it all…so let’s feast, and unleash the beast!


No. Track Time
1 Never Felt (original mix) 05:54
2 Atomic Graftity 06:48
3 A Piece of Trash 05:00
4 Unleash The Beast 04:35
5 Deranged 04:37
6 Bruder 05:21
7 Pray For Me 04:41
8 Pleasure Game 02:46
9 Iraq (Zhyros rework) 06:47

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