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Bleib Modern - 2 Afraid 2 Leave (CD)

Bleib Modern - 2 Afraid 2 Leave (CD)


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Released on: 26. April 2024

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In the wake of their 2021 critically lauded album Afraid To Leave, Berlin-based post-punk ensemble Bleib Modern has embarked on an intriguing venture: reaching out to a coterie of artistically aligned peers, the band invited them to reinterpret their tracks. The result is this compilation “2 Afraid 2 Leave”, a gathering of remixes and reimaginings that spans the spectrum of darkwave, post-punk, and EBM sounds. 2 Afraid 2 Leave offers listeners a chance to experience Bleib Modern’s music from an altered vantage point, a welcome interlude as the band forges ahead with new creations.

2 Afraid 2 Leave is an eclectic treasure trove of collaboration, from the pulsating club rendition of Bitter Smile by IV Horsemen, to Danish artist Dune Messiah’ crooner version of Loony Voices. The album also boasts contributions from luminaries like The KVB, The Underground Youth, Blind Delon, Shad Shadows, and an array of side projects by Bleib Modern’s own members.

Jack Milwaukee, aka M!R!M, infused his signature dreamy lo-fi bedroom synthpop sound into this exquisite reinterpretation of Into The Night. The more guitar-heavy original, with a psychedelic plodding sound evoking Echo and the Bunnymen, has been transformed into a soaring darkwave number with glistening synths.


No. Track Time
1 The KVB - Glow 04:35
2 Dune Messiah - Loony Voices 04:04
3 IV Horsemen - Bitter Smile 05:58
4 Grotto Terrazza - Your Skin 04:14
5 X!it Klaus - Sleep 03:45
6 Bring Her - Portrait 02:34
7 Promille Grazie - Soaked 02:26
8 The Underground Youth - Around Your Arms 05:26
9 Shad Shadows - Walls 04:01
10 M!R!M - Into The Night 03:44
11 Das Beat - Glow 02:33
12 Blind Delon - Loony Voices 03:05
13 Nox -Sleep 06:16

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