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Bloody Dead And Sexy - Fade to Glitter / Super Limited Violet Edition (12" Vinyl)

Bloody Dead And Sexy - Fade to Glitter / Super Limited Violet Edition (12\" Vinyl)


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Released on: 23. September 2022

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Limited Edition - 199 Handumbered Copies - Violet Vinyl - Glossy Sleeve - Lyric Sheet

Eight years after their last regular long player, BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY are back. The new album picks up where the band last left off with "Bad Ambient". Founded in Germany in 1997, BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY quickly became one of the figureheads of the Batcave and Deathrock revival in the early 2000s and gained international fame. After a total of four successful studio albums, they are now releasing their new work "Fade to Glitter". Musically, BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY have limited themselves to the essentials with their new work and recorded the songs for the album the way the band would play them live - without a lot of frills and to the point. Bass, guitar, drums and vocals. Plus energy and lots of emotion. The four musicians have left the experimentation of their last album a bit to record a straightforward, rough and above all honest album. In addition to fast, Deathrock-typical songs - like the opener "Killing Rosa" - and the New Wave melodies carried "Maya" there are also the usual dark, ominous and slow songs like "Black Autumn Song". The album closes with a blueprint of psychedelic death rock: the title track "Fade to Glitter". All superfluous and excess ballast was thrown off, the songs were reduced to the core and played with passion. The result is a raw, unpolished but glittering gemstone. “This album is a continuation and a return to our roots at the same time. In the past we have always worked together with other musicians or had one or the other cover version on our albums. That worked very well, but this time we consciously wanted to go back to our roots: just the 4 of us, only songs we wrote. And we really wanted to release straight to vinyl. This comes with certain limitations in terms of the number and length of the songs. Interestingly, this helped us a lot to focus on the essentials. I don't think we've been so to the point since our debut. I hate talking about the content of our songs. If I could or wanted to explain well what I'm trying to express through art, I would have become a teacher or a preacher and I wouldn't be writing songs. The song means what the listener feels. And that can even change every time.” (Rosa Iahn)


No. Track Time
A1 Killing Rosa --
A2 Maya --
A3 Their House --
A4 Little Maniac --
A5 Twenty-Twenty --
B1 Ghost Perfume --
B2 Room 666 --
B3 Black Autumn Song --
B4 Frequency --
B5 Fade to Glitter --

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