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Blutengel - Erlösung - The Victory Of Light (CD)

Blutengel - Erlösung - The Victory Of Light (CD)


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Released on: 16. July 2021

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A new era is about to dawn for Blutengel with "Erlösung - The Victory of Light". Blutengel and their music is an individual attitude and confession of belief - almost a religion of its very own! Never before did Blutengel release so many German songs on an album as this time. Allied with the artwork of Stefan Heilemann (Heilemania), Blutengel will seduce you entirely into their world. The light is followed by the darkness and the darkness by the light. An eternal cycle ignites in "Erlösung (Redemption) - The Victory of Light" and takes the listener into the realm of Blutengel.

Already in the gripping first single - sung in German and English - "The Victory of Light" the light shows us the way. Electronic sound, raw, futuristic - in combination with the irresistible appeal to dance and epic rousing choruses, the album reveals a true anthem potential. By the time we can fully enjoy the album, we are called to hit "Repeat" for the single(s), which conveys the prevailing message, especially at this time.

"We are the light! The light will win!" says Blutengel mastermind Chris Pohl. "The light can also be interpreted as redemption in the sense of death - you see the light into which you shall leave...", taking this into account, Chris describes the collective transition into infinity herein.... Be it as it shall be: In the end, there is the LIGHT!


No. Track Time
1 Illuminate my Soul --
2 Wir sind das Licht --
3 We are not dead --
4 Seasons --
5 Wer ist dein Meister? --
6 Deine Dämonen --
7 I am the Darkness --
8 Erlöse mich --
9 Wie Sand --
10 No Religion --
11 Darkness awaits us --
12 We fall --
13 The Victory of Light --
14 Hand in Hand --

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