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Codename Sugar - A Multiverse Of You (CD)

Codename Sugar - A Multiverse Of You (CD)


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Released on: 24. March 2023

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!NC 23-0017-CD - Weight: 105g

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Quite some time passed by while observing life and what it has in store for us to finally capture the feelings in words and music. This multiple year time-span was exactly what was needed to create this new Codename Sugar album.

On the 14 tracks of “A MULTIVERSE OF YOU” Harald Schoger goes through the last 10 years of moving with the flow of life itself – at times humble but always mesmerized. From the very dark areas of fear and loss (tracks: “Sleepless” / “Nowhere” / “Nofriends”) to the more hopeful and slightly brighter and quite danceable “Shame On You!”, which BTW is also with a wink on some of the really bizarre experiences we made as society in the past years. Quite more cluboriented dancefloor push can be felt with “Club Queen” while also more downtempo and fragile tracks like “Sometimes I Wonder…” ask the question Why? (… we’re here).

Despite the fact that the guitars and bass guitars (bass played by Harald’s daughter Nina) sometimes become more noticeable in this production, there’s an undeniable deep and melancholic love for electronic pop music that can be sensed throughout the tracks on this release.


No. Track Time
1 Perfect To Me 04:52
2 Sleepless 04:13
3 One More Time 04:55
4 Goodnight Lover 05:04
5 Club Queen (You’re No Good) 04:37
6 Hurting Deep 04:36
7 Don’t Say A Word 04:32
8 Nowhere 04:00
9 I’m Nothing Without You 04:27
10 How Can We Know? 05:30
11 Sometimes I Wonder (Do I Belong Here?) 04:40
12 Shame On You! (Here’s The Revolution) 03:46
13 Nofriends 06:59
14 Not Enough 06:47

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