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The [law-rah] Collective - Field of View (CD)

The [law-rah] Collective - Field of View (CD)


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Released on: 29. October 2012

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by now it should be common knowledge that no two albums by our dutch friends of the [law-rah] collective are alike - their output is a constant journey of discovery. 'field of view', the eighth full-length cd in their discography, is no exception. for the first time the collective wrote and produced the music as a trio: bauke van der wal - the original initiator of the project - is joined by hiekelien van den herik (member of the collective on the albums '1953' and ' it is...') as well as martijn pieck (a.o. 'solitaire', 'inspiration', '[ans]werk' and the soundtrack of the documentary 'verzet in indië').

this collaboration resulted in an album which has the typical [law-rah] signature: massive deep drones and minimalistic sound collages are accompanied by minimal sequences and (un)steady beats that blend into the alienating soundscapes or set the pace for memorably haunting, atmospheric melodies. in the vocal department hiekelien proves herself to be an amazing singer, alternating between spoken word recitations as known from earlier [law-rah] albums and one-of-a-kind songs.

'field of view' delivers a new chapter in the history of this prolific project's output - a fascinating insight into different perspectives, exhibited in a surprising and captivating album. the whole view we have of things, how we observe, what we see ... what is reality?... is reality really what we see?


No. Track Time
1 From A Distance 20:47
2 Power 07:28
3 Underneath 07:57
4 The Lie 05:25
5 A Different Perspective 07:03
6 From Here 08:44

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