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Covenant - Modern Ruin (CD)

Covenant - Modern Ruin (CD)


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Released on: 14. January 2011

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“Modern Ruin” is the latest chapter of Covenant’s epic adventure in time and space. Ever a band that has consistently made references to being in motion, physical and mental travel, exploration of the hidden and the unknown. And again they have wondrous tales to tell us.

Imagine a broken escalator coming up through the underbrush of a forest, stretching towards the treetops, no second floor left to receive its long-gone passengers. In the background, among the trees, you can make out the steel skeleton of what was once a great building, perhaps the transit hall of an airport. Once this was a busy hub filled with people going places. Now Mother Nature is recycling the remains, in her infinitely slow but irresistible way.

What happened here? How did it happen? Or, perhaps, could it be that nothing ever did happen the way it was intended to? Those are among the questions asked by Covenant on their 7th studio album “Modern Ruin”.

A title that implies a whole range of possible scenarios: a romantic lament over an epoch of optimism; a sense of imminent doom; futuristic archaeology; a cheeky comment on the state of the modern world…


No. Track Time
1 Modern Ruin 01:28
2 Lightbringer 05:41
3 Judge of my Domain 06:05
4 Dynamo Clock 05:32
5 Kairos 01:11
6 The Beauty and the Grace 04:52
7 Get on 04:40
8 Worlds Collide 04:16
9 In the Night 03:20
10 Beat the Noise 06:00
11 The Road 04:53

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