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The Coventry - The Art Of Survival (CD)

The Coventry - The Art Of Survival (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 02. November 2018

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The Coventry is an Italian darkwave band born in the spring 2017 from the merge of the the two projects "Terminal Front" (Valerio & Adriana) and "Resonance" (Mario & Giammarco).

The band recorded their first demo "Begotten" in the summer of the same year. The members of the band are Mario Manfredi (Voice & Songwriting), Valerio Rivieccio (Guitar, second voice & composing), Adriana Colella (Synth) – while Giammarco Milella (guitar) left the project in November 2017.

Their first music video ‘Begotten’, launched on Youtube in November 2017, has been directed and edited by the "Raw Frame" organization and helped the project, to find a first live-gig in support of acclaimed act HAPAX – where the band got ‘discovered’ by Swiss Dark Nights…

"The vision of a single man who fights against a society that grows hollow and insenstive to human cares and virtues… " pushed the band to write and compose this debut. The band name is taken from the HMS Coventry, a destroyer ship of the Royal Navy that fought the Falklands war…


Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Art Of Survival 05:02
2 Natural Order 04:12
3 Tremble 04:03
4 Begotten 04:57
5 Missing 04:31
6 Purity 04:35
7 The Hunger 03:39
8 From Before The Beginning 02:39
9 The Lies We Say 04:28
10 Love & Psyche 04:28
11 Small Regrets 04:05

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