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808 DOT POP - The Cubic Temperature (CD)

808 DOT POP - The Cubic Temperature (CD)


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Released on: 26. March 2021

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“The Cubic Temperature” is the fruitful result of a unique collaboration between 808 DOT POP (aka Passenger S of METROLAND fame) and Belgian electronic music veteran Franky Deblomme and his new CUBIC project. What was bound to be a one-shot remix collaboration when CUBIC remixed the track “Kelvin” for 808 DOT POP’s last 7” vinyl release, turned into a full sonic adventure!

Fascinated by the new electro dimensions that CUBIC injected into his own songs, Passenger S started wondering how it would sound like if one and the same artist would entirely remodel one of his albums. Appropriating and morphing every song into his own musical universe while keeping bits and pieces from the original versions. The originality of the concept seduced Franky Deblomme and CUBIC embarked on this challenging sonic journey, reworking tracks from the much applauded 808 DOT POP album “The Colour Temperature” and related singles.

Songs like “Ultraviolet”, “Illuminants”, singles like “Blackbodies” and “Kelvin”, but also B-sides like “Seeing Heat” or “Cie 1960” were entirely remodeled, stretched towards a more LEFTFIELD / ORBITAL kind of sound while showing the biggest respect and keeping the right identity and original sound flavors from 808 DOT POP’s characteristic warm melodic vintage synth style.

From the first note onwards up until the last, the listeners get immersed in a bath of luscious electronics. Musically taken on a ride where after each crispy note another vibrant joy is waiting, clearly holding the CUBIC watermark, with a tiny 808 flavor.

“The Cubic Temperature” proves that a daring concept, simple in set-up, has so much to offer once the magic operates and two talents unite and demonstrate that 1 + 1 can make 3…


No. Track Time
1 cie 1960 (chromaticity) --
2 kelvin (4500) --
3 blackbodies (lampblack) --
4 thermodynamica (neon) --
5 illuminants (measured) --
6 ultraviolet (photonic ) --
7 thermal contact (cryogenic) --
8 planck's h (boltzmann) --
9 the white tone of lamps (halogen) --
10 seeing heat (peripheral) --
11 inside the light bulb (porcelain) --

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