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Dancing Plague - Elogium / Limited Edition (CD)

Dancing Plague - Elogium / Limited Edition (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 22. März 2024

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Limited edition of 200 pcs

Portland/Oregon based act Dancing Plague has been a steady presence in the dark/cold electronic music scene for quite a few years now.

Since 2016 Conor Knowles’ solo project has been putting out one constant flow of independent releases on multiple formats such as vinyl LPs, EPs, tapes and CDs, creating one sonic palette rich with EBM, goth, industrial and synth influences.

On their 5th studio album, Dancing Plague continues to flesh out and perfect their unique brand of crushing darkwave. “Elogium” explores themes of loss, regret, rebirth and growth coupled with throbbing basslines, rave synths, and pounding drums. Knowles balances aggressive waves of electronics with enough pop sensibilities and catchy hooks to be inviting to those new to the genre.

His skills can be clearly appreciated on tracks like the first single “Fading Forms”, which explores the somber feeling of the years passing you by. Knowles’ emotive baritone crooning paints a melancholic picture of the slow fading of time as you feel like you’re fading with it.

The words fall like snow onto cold fields of pulsing 80s synths and pounding drum machine rhythms that bring forth nostalgic familiarity but feel fresh at the same time. Fans of classic icons such as Depeche Mode, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails as well as contemporary torchbearers Cold Cave and Kontravoid do not sleep on this. Plenty of disturbing beauty to be found in the depths of the underground.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Dreamless --
2 Fading Forms --
3 Shadow Self --
4 Rot with Me --
5 Elogium --
6 Suffer the Senses --
7 Cold Fire --
8 Echoes of the Void --

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