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Date At Midnight - Fading Into This Grace / Limited Black Edition (12" Vinyl)

Date At Midnight - Fading Into This Grace / Limited Black Edition (12\" Vinyl)


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Veröffentlicht: 07. Juni 2024

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Limited Edition of 200 copies on BLACK Vinyl and 2-page insert.

Since their inception in 2007, Date at Midnight has been carving a path across Europe, gracing stages in countries like Italy, the UK, Germany, Spain, and beyond. Along the way, they’ve rubbed shoulders with an eclectic array of acts, from the timeless echoes of And Also The Trees and Christian Death to the modern sounds of She Past Away and Fields of The Nephilim. Whether sharing the stage with The Chameleons or weaving spells alongside Geometric Vision and Spiritual Front, Date at Midnight has ensured that their live shows etch a blend of passion and theatrical flair into the hearts of their audience.

“Fading into this Grace” skillfully blends the quintessence of post-punk, darkwave, and gothic rock into a tumultuous cascade of sound: imagine the poignant intensity of a witching hour meeting between despair and euphoria. This album emerges from years of artistic evolution and magnetic live performances across Europe, reaching its zenith through a collaboration with the iconic William Faith, who lent his mastering magic to the mix. The song ‘The Privation’ features Simona of WINTER SEVERITY INDEX.

Date at Midnight is dialing up the drama and serving us a slice of the uncanny with their latest single, “Another Grace”, with enough edge to slice through the thickest of existential fog.


Nr. Track Zeit
A1 Rendez - Vous 04:38
A2 This Affection 04:45
A3 Another Grace 04:35
A4 No Contact/Red Zone 05:13
B1 No Need to Define 05:37
B2 Useless Love 05:05
B3 Carmilla 03:57
B4 The Privation (feat. Simona Ferrucci) 03:08
B5 The Line 04:14

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