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DE/VISION - Popgefahr - The Mix 3.0 (CD)

DE/VISION - Popgefahr - The Mix 3.0 (CD)


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Released on: 02. December 2011

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No. Track Time
1 mAndroids ( Remix), remixed by, Germany --
2 Rage (Painless Remix), remixed by Mikel Andrew (Electrovot), Mexico --
3 What’s love all about (Neosynth RMX), remixed by Neosynth, Spain --
4 Time to be alive (Electrobuster Edit), remixed by FSCHWARZ (Attacke), Germany --
5 Plastic heart (Pins And Needles Mix), remixed by The Break Up, USA --
6 Be a light to yourself (Paralyzed Remix), remixed by Rico Hüllermeier, Germany --
7 Ready to die (Rob Dust Remix), remixed by Rob Dust, Germany --
8 Flash of life (Naweed Mix), remixed by Naweed, Denmark --
9 Twisted story (Advent Resilience Remix), remixed by Advent Resilience, Netherlands --
10 Until the end of time (Thouxsense Remix), remixed by Arian Storch, Germany --

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