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Disharmony - Pendulum (CD)

Disharmony - Pendulum (CD)


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Released on: 17. November 2023

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AP65 - Weight: 80g

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4 panel digipack matt + 12 page booklet

We mowe in the dark again. Atmospheric combinations of tenderness and noise. It's us. We and our insides, which fell even deeper into the underworld. Hypnotic electronics full of cinematic moods and broken rhythms. Industrial blocks of fully electronic structures and excluded vocals. Emotions of sounds on waves of uncertainty and coldness. A sound complex of moods and synthetic structures of chaos and contradictions in this unstable world. A gate between worlds and cracks in time reflecting into the light of oblivion. The CD comes out in a limited edition with a 12 page booklet by digital design master Ingo Lindmeier aka Creative visual traces in extraterrestrial space are an inherent part of this story.


No. Track Time
1 Synthetic playground --
2 Blood for glory --
3 Empty room with demons --
4 Mindhunter (Reverse) --
5 Rise --
6 Pendulum --
7 Broken paths of souls (HD theme Triode edit) --
8 Rotten spinal cord --
9 Vertical point (meets Object) --
10 The path of miracles (Headdreamer edit) --
11 Indifference --
12 End of the line (Life & Dead) --

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