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Dream Invasion - 8.8.64 / Limited Edition (CD)

Dream Invasion - 8.8.64 / Limited Edition (CD)


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Released on: 02. June 2023

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Dream Invasion is the project of Erwin Jadot, co-founder and band member of Nothing but Noise at the time of the 2012 Not Bleeding Red album.

With 8.8.64 Dream Invasion stays in the same format/philosophy for his sonic outbursts. Just like it's predecessors (6.6.36: 6 songs of 6 minutes for a total of 36 minutes and 7.7.49: 7 songs of 7 minutes for a total of 49 minutes) 8.8.64 has 8 songs of 8 minutes each, for a total of (guess how many!?) 64 minutes, but this time with the extra dimension that all track names also start with the 8th letter of the alphabet. Does this change anything to the music? Nope, but it's a nice gimmick.

These tracks were introduced live at the 3rd Sonic Emissions Festival in August last year, since then they have been remodeled, remixed, reshuffled, reshaped and then laid in the hands of Daniel B. who once again (re)mixed, (re)mastered and did the final production.


No. Track Time
1 Hyacinth 08:00
2 Horology 08:00
3 Hurtless 08:00
4 Headhunt 08:00
5 Hardcore 08:00
6 Hollower 08:00
7 Hetairai 08:00
8 Hypopnea 08:00

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