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Ductape - Echo Drama (CD)

Ductape - Echo Drama (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 01. März 2024

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Without a doubt, one of the most eagerly expected new albums in the Post-Punk scene!

Ductape literally ‘exploded’ onto the scene with a first self-produced EP in 2020, but especially with their highly praised debut ‘Labirent’ (SwissDarkNights, February 2021), that received raving reviews! Since then, each single release by the gifted Post-Punk/Darkwave duo from Istanbul/Turkey was a winner! Starting with the two limited EPs 'Araf' and 'Live at Radyo Moydan' to the incredibly strong second album 'Ruh' (2022) – first album to be released.

Since then, there were a few digital only singles and expectations for the third studio album - both by old and a steadily increasing crowd of new fans - was high and rising!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Red Scar --
2 Closer --
3 The Unknown --
4 Evil Me --
5 Veil of Lies --
6 Anafor --
7 Duvar --
8 Insan Senfonisi --

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