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EGGVN - La Era de la Bestia (CD)

EGGVN - La Era de la Bestia (CD)


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Released on: 05/14/2021

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Hard Industrial Wave from Mexico introduces “La Era de la Bestia”. EGGVN proclaim a dark age and show with their mesmerizing sound how fragile it is what we know as “reality”. Without copying these great artists, they evoke an ineffable blend of the savage rawness of Combichrist, the infectious beats of Front Line Assembly and the positive aggression of Hocico. Certainly nothing for sissies.

In 2019, the duo already showed on their WGT debut what power and incredible presence is in them and their music, once it is let off the chains... Despite all the electronic subtleties, “La Era de la Bestia” has an inherent originality that EGGVN carry on as the proud heirs of the Aztecs. Just as they once combined their mystical mathematical knowledge with their animalistic rawness, EGGVN also see it as their task to carry on the “light of knowledge” – as the artists themselves emphasize – like a Lucifer, but certainly not with kid gloves, but with fervent brutality.

“La Era de la Bestia” conceptually deals with the obscure celebration of a war ritual, “in which the coming is announced, conquers, submits the enemy, and then the victory is glorified over the conquered land“, explain EGGVN. When club dancing is possible again possible again, “La Era de la Bestia” will decisively define the dark electronic dance floors with EGGVNs satanic, ritualistic industrial wave.


No. Track Time
1 La Era de la Bestia 04:03
2 Legion 03:54
3 No Memories 03:46
4 Hope 04:29
5 Flesh 03:10
6 Agnus Dei 03:34
7 Ave Satanas 03:51
8 Cross 03:10
9 N.B.O. 04:21
10 Lvcifer Ex Machina 04:02
11 Futile 03:39
12 Soul Reaper 11:12

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