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Eisfabrik - Eisplanet (2CD)

Eisfabrik - Eisplanet (2CD)


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Released on: 23. October 2015

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Sales rank: 700 [ Peak: 2 ]

Genre: Dark Electro/Future Pop.

Very HOT (despite their name...) and fresh new German Dark Electro project! Musically, the band fluctuates somewhere between dark electro and future pop with a clear focus on catchiness and cool harmonies! The members of the „Eisfabrik“ (engl: “Ice Factory”) produce music and atmospheres of a special kind, which does not exist until now. The electronic Trans-Siberian Express is on the run and immediately at full speed. The sound is not comparable to any previously known band. Each song has an individual sound, but you always recognize this unique style. The expressive voice of Dr. Schnee (doc snow) is a big part of this.

The individual sound of Eisfabrik does really take its own place in the scene. The self-produced debut album and the single ‘Ice Crystal’ caused a small sensation in Germany, with high entries in German DAC-charts and the DJ-only single ‘Maschinen’ even topped this success and paved for this album and the label contract with No Cut records (Mono Inc., Unzucht...).

The CD comes with not less than 12 new songs and a 9-tracks Bonus-CD, featuring exclusive remixes by [:SITD:], Mono Inc., T.O.Y., BhamBhamHara, Rob Dust, an extended version of an album track and the exclusive ‘Polarmission’

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Eisplanet --
2 Walking towards the Sun --
3 Breathe Life to me --
4 Maschinen --
5 White Storm --
6 I don't miss it --
7 Cry for you --
8 Let me live --
9 Far Away --
10 Timeless --
11 Strom --
12 Wir kehren heim --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Maschinen (Single Version) --
2 Maschinen ([:SITD:] Version) --
3 Maschinen (Rob Dust Version) --
4 Maschinen (MONO INC. Version) --
5 Polarmission --
6 I don't miss it (Extended Version) --
7 Maschinen (BhamBhamHara Version) --
8 Maschinen (Ultima Bleep Version) --
9 Maschinen (T.O.Y. Version) --

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