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Emily Kinski's Dead - Dance The Pain Away / Limited Edition (MCD)

Emily Kinski\'s Dead - Dance The Pain Away / Limited Edition (MCD)


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Veröffentlicht: 26. Mai 2023

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Limited edition of strictly 300 copies, first 4-tracks EP by this outstanding new act!

EMILY KINSKI’S DEAD is a new German/Swiss project, born out of a fondness for post-punk and new wave from the early 80s, combined with contemporary electronics. This EP features 2 tracks off the forthcoming album “A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO DIE”, and two remixes by CRYING VESSEL and KURS. The album’s lyrics are about the life and death of fictional Emily Kinski.

EMILY KINSKI’S DEAD was founded in 2021 by Oliver Spring, René Ebner & Thomas Kowa. All three musicians were active in other groups before. In fact they have been members of bands such as NO COMMENT (Subway/Subtronic, Vision Records, Nanopop, Echozone...) and SLEEPWALK (Celtic Circle/Khazad-Dum, Scanner...), and as NINE SECONDS they released 4 more ‘EBM/Industrial‘-styled albums on Infacted Recordings and Space Race.

This new EP is highly promising and makes you longing for the debut full-length album!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Dance the Pain away --
2 Lost in Krasnoyarsk --
3 Dance the Pain away (Crying Vessel Remix) --
4 Lost in Krasnoyarsk (Kurs Remix) --

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