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Enzo Kreft - Different World (CD)

Enzo Kreft - Different World (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 29. Januar 2021

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Limited to 300 copies. In a 4 panel digipak with 16 page booklet containing all the lyrics

The theme of “Different World” fell into Enzo Kreft’s lap in mid-March 2020. Initially he intended to work on other topics, but the coronavirus outbreak immediately clung to him and formed the inevitable starting point for this new album.

Enzo Kreft saw writing and composing as a way to personally deal with this profound crisis. Kreft himself says that his albums often exude a science fiction atmosphere in which he takes a look at a fictional dark future. This time, however, he believes, the facts have caught up with us and we are in the middle of dystopia.

Musically the album builds further on the already established basis of 80's inspired synthpop & electro with a firm dose of 90's darkwave and a love for 70's ambient, illustrated by no less than four instrumental tracks. Just like the previous albums “Different World” wants you to think while it aims for the dancefloor.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Day Zero --
2 Woke Up This Morning --
3 Viral Paranoia --
4 Breathtaking Beast --
5 Nature Isn’t Bound By Borders --
6 Zoonotic Transfer --
7 Pandora’s Box In Permafrost --
8 Far Beyond Our Means --
9 Ostrich Politics --
10 The Legacy --
11 It’s Going On And On --
12 Anthropocene’s End --

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