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Erasure - Cowboy / Expanded Edition (2CD)

Erasure - Cowboy / Expanded Edition (2CD)


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Originally released in 1997 and produced by Gareth Jones and Neil McLellan, ‘Cowboy marked synth pop duo Erasure’s return to their more simplistic, iconic pop sound and earned them a Top 10 in the UK albums chart upon its release, as well as a Top 40 position in Germany. It also features three of their hit singles, ‘In My Arms’, ‘Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me’ and ‘Rain’.

This 2-CD Expanded edition is the first reissue since its initial release, and is presented in a deluxe 2-CD hardback book format with a 28 page booklet containing sleeve notes by Mat Smith from Electronic Sound. The second disc contains previously unreleased material, new remixes, alternative and extended edition tracks as well as live material from ‘The Tiny Tour’.

Tracklisting CD1:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Rain 04:11
2 Worlds On Fire 03:38
3 Reach Out 03:47
4 In My Arms 03:36
5 Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me 03:47
6 Precious 03:33
7 Treasure 03:05
8 Boy 03:41
9 How Can I Say 03:16
10 Save Me Darling 04:01
11 Love Affair 03:36

Tracklisting CD2: "b-sides, remixes, demos, rarities"

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Rain (Al Stone Mix) --
2 Rapture (Extended Version) --
3 In The Name Of The Heart --
4 First Contact (Vocal Mix) --
5 Reach Out (Alternative Lyrics) --
6 In My Arms (Acoustic Version) --
7 Magic Moments (Alternative Mix) [Previously Unreleased] --
8 My Love --
9 Earth --
10 Worlds on Fire (Demo Version) --
11 In My Arms (Love To Infinity Stratomaster Mix – US Edit) --
12 Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me (TELEX Remix) [Previously Unreleased] --
13 Rain (Blancmange Remix) [Previously Unreleased] --
14 Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me (Flashbox Vox) --
15 In My Arms (Crumbling Down Extended Instrumental Remix) [Previously Unreleased] --
16 Rain (Stealing Sheep Remix) [Previously Unreleased] --
17 Heart of Glass (Live in Oxford) --

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