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Erotic Elk - III / Limited Edition (CD)

Erotic Elk - III / Limited Edition (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 27. März 2015

nicht auf Lager, lieferbar in ca. 2-7 Arbeitstagen

EE_III - Gewicht: 95g

Verkaufsrang: – [ Höchste Platzierung: 13 ]

Limited edition of 200 numbered pieces,

Melodic Synthpop from Sweden

It took us three years since the release of "Solitary" to complete this album. That could be one of the reasons that we named it "III".

In contrary to our previous albums we tended to go towards a more dark sound. Some of the songs were intentially written as a gothic rock songs, but with synthesizers. We think we´ve come quite close, for example on "Dark Winter".

The process of writing this album has been a blast, we´ve evolved and matured (we think). We´ve invested much time and a lot on instruments, 90% of our gear is now analog. Hopefully you can hear that :)

We´ve had the opportunity to work with Claus Larsen (Leaætherstrip) on this album, he mastered it to something really beautiful. Quote from Claus "One of the best melodic synth albums I've listened to in a long long time. Been listening to it all week. Cant get tired of it!"


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Intro --
2 What You Give is What You Get --
3 Surrender --
4 Other Side of love --
5 Dark Winter --
6 Wicked Game --
7 Higher --
8 Would --
9 Distorted --
10 Burning Down Your House --
11 Seal the Moment --
12 With You --
13 Without You --
14 Never Stay the Same --
15 Dark Winter (Acoustic version) ** --
16 Surrender (Remixed by Denormal) ** --
17 Other Side Of Love (Remixed by Vaylon) ** --
18 Higher (Remixed by Vogon Poetry) ** --
19 My My Hey Hey (Extended version) ** --

** Exclusive for the CD.

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