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Estetica Noir - Amor Fati (CD)

Estetica Noir - Amor Fati (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 26. April 2024

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8016670164265 - Gewicht: 75g

Verkaufsrang: 125 [ Höchste Platzierung: 114 ]

Genre: Gothic, Industrial. In Digipak with lyrics booklet

Nine songs (including one written, played and sung in collaboration with Riccardo Sabetti and This Eternal Decay) between darkwave, 80s art-rock and the roughness of 90s industrial-sounds. An album with that specific taste for finding melody and arrangements for the purpose of creating songs, not just sounds!

"Amor Fati" is a plunge into the cruel and inevitable process of aging, faced at the same time with nostalgia, romance, anger and above all determination, in opposition to the static and denigrated way of those who want us tamed and homologated at a social level and without dreams at an individual and spiritual level: "Amor Fati" is, as far as possible, an adult way of thinking with your child, the forced exit from the adolescent cosmic pessimism, the awareness of difficulties, the comparison with the inexorable flow of time…

The limit of the dream is transferred once again and late at night to arrive, immersed in an eternal youth that makes you alive and allows you to enjoy the present bringing vitality to those around us.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Burnout 03:59
2 Pain 04:11
3 Summer Shine 04:44
4 Faded 05:32
5 The End Of Moraliadays 04:54
6 Iter Vitae 02:44
7 Strange Hologram 04:12
8 Stockholm's Azure 03:41
9 The Cell 04:13

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