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Elm - Extreme Unspoken Tension / Limited Edition (2CD)

Elm - Extreme Unspoken Tension / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 01. November 2019

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With his new 13-track album, Swedish veteran and one-man assault squad Peter Elm sets the bar of top notch old-school EBM with attitude one level higher and signs here a true classic EBM album to be classified just between NITZER EBB’s “That Total Age” and DAF’s “Alles ist Gut”! 3… 2… 1… GO! The new ELM is here! Go grab it before it grabs you!

The opening “Redemption” directly sets the mood and plunges you in a tense, weird and menacing atmosphere à la “Clockwork Orange” lead by LAIBACH-ish martial beats and narrative vocals. Paranoia then sets in a bit deeper in your flashing mind with “Apocalypse 20160703”, an even slower and almost decadent trip hop electro cut, that sucks you up like a hidden merciless dark worm. And that’s exactly at that very uncomfortable moment of doubt that ELM grabs you by the throat and shakes your ass with the stomping straightforward EBM hit “Death of the North”! One of the scene’s favourite unstoppable EBM-hit machine is back: harder, darker and stronger! And the fireworks simply continue with the powerful “Cut you down”, the very NITZER EBB-ish “Deathbed Love” and its heavy baseline or yet the relentless explosion of rage of the turbo cut “Mindgame”.

But the dancefloor assaults rapidly take over with the raw “Distracted”, the hypnotic aggressive new club hit “Thoughtcrime” or the amazing “Switching Addictions” that is bound to become a true classic electro tune with its refreshing SCHWEFELGELB meets early FRONT 242 tone. Consume without moderation and at maximum volume. Brace for impact!

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Redemption --
2 Apocalypse: 20160703 --
3 Death of the North --
4 Cut you down --
5 Deathbed Love --
6 Mindgame --
7 Altitude 100 --
8 Distracted --
9 Thoughtcrime --
10 Switching Addictions --
11 War Machine --
12 Violent Heart --
13 Smother Box --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Redemption (akropolis vers.) --
2 Apocalypse (intimate electro-mix) --
3 Death of the North (7”-edit) --
4 Cut you down (extended) --
5 Deathbed Love (death-beat-mix) --
6 Mindgame (tx-mix) --
7 Altitude 100 (minimal-mix) --
8 Zerfahren (feat. Rummelsnuff) --
9 Thoughtcrime (mean mugger-mix) --
10 Switching Addictions (hard club-mix) --
11 War Machine (pussy generation) --
12 Violent Heart (disco-mix) --
13 Smother Box (mother of aggression-mix) --

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