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All My Faith Lost - Chamber Music (CD)

All My Faith Lost - Chamber Music (CD)


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Released on: 11. October 2013

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"Chamber Music" was recorded 10(!) years ago, and it was this work that brought the group to a contract with Cold Meat Industry. The album has actually never been released until now, purely due to copyright problems that have now finally been resolved and it is for the first time that this wonderful album can be made available to everyone into the beauty and melancholy of this act.

All lyrics were taken from James Joyce's collection of poems called 'chamber music' and a release was only possible with the permission of the actual copyright owner, Joyce's nephew Stephen. This permission was denied in the past even to much ‘bigger’ artists such as Kate Bush. 10 years ago ALL MY FAITH LOST… were therefore forced to write new lyrics and re-record all vocal parts again. Basic parts of this album were in fact used for the first album ‘As you’re vanishing in silence’ (Cold Meat Industry, 2005), an album that got overwhelming feedbacks and was a big success for both the band and the label.

Now 10 years after it’s original conception and 70 years after Joyce's death, Infinte Fog finally successded to get all the rights to release this album!


No. Track Time
1 We were Grave Lovers --
2 From dewy Dreams --
3 Rain has fallen all the Day --
4 Love came to us --
5 At that Hour --
6 Strings in the Earth and Air --
7 All Day I hear the Noise of Waters --
8 Because Your Voice --
9 Sleep now --
10 The Twilight --
11 Gentle Lady, do not sing --

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