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On The Floor - All You Ever Wanted (CD)

On The Floor - All You Ever Wanted (CD)


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Released on: 28. March 2024

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4251896109155 - Weight: 105g

Sales rank: 326 [ Peak: 47 ]

Somewhere on a dancefloor. Darkness and splintered light… Raise your arms, close your eyes and let yourself go.

„All You Ever Wanted“ delivers on all the promises of the previous albums. On the pulse of time but still rooted, danceable and deeper than ever. The alluring melodies of the guitar lead to the eye of the storm where the voice is waiting - shamanic, repetitive and timeless. Intuitive and honest… “All You Ever Wanted” holds up a mirror to you. Catharsis and purification - welcome to the dirty water of the Ganges.

In fact it was unjust to point out songs of the album. Hymns like „Crying On The Dancefloor“ and „Embrace“ couldn’t care less about categorisation. If you understand „Keep The Flame“ and wait for the punchline it will not let you go again.

It is time for this album! Press Play. Play it loud. Press repeat.


No. Track Time
1 Crying On The Dancefloor --
2 Embrace --
3 Stoned --
4 Keep The Flame --
5 Go Away --
6 From The Start --
7 Anyway --
8 Autumn --
9 Some Have Touched The Sun --
10 Maybe --

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