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Funker Vogt - Element 115 / Limited Edition (2CD)

Funker Vogt - Element 115 / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 29. January 2021

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First limited Edition including Exclusive 7-tracks Bonus-CD!

Funker Vogt is dead - long live Funker Vogt!

It's been 4 years since Chris L. picked up the abandoned microphone at Funker Vogt and the radio operators Gerrit Thomas, René Dornbusch and this very Chris L., made a tough statement about why they clearly belong at the spearhead of this scene. They can not and do not want to be quiet in 2021 either, and so on their new album "Element 115" they fire a lot of explosives into the masses.

The core of the topic is the theory of pre-astronautics, which in short implies, that the gods of mankind were extraterrestrial visitors and have been visiting the earth for thousands of years. According to Bob Lazar, a former Area 51 scientist who made public appearances back in the 1980s by publishing secret information, the Element 115 is used to power a gravitational propulsion system with an antimatter reactor as its energy source. It is astonishing how detailed he describes his work in Area 51 and what he experienced there.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 What If I'm Wrong? 05:10
2 Olympus 05:24
3 Abducted 04:43
4 A. I. 03:35
5 GAIA 05:04
6 To The Sun 04:21
7 Invasion 04:00
8 The Grey 04:18
9 Lost 04:22
10 The Wanting 05:18
11 I Want To Believe 03:57
12 Lost Kingdom 04:42
13 A Step Into The Dark 03:42

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 The Fallen Race - Bonus Edit 07:10
2 To The Sun - Bonus Edit 06:12
3 God With Us 04:35
4 Gate Of The Gods 03:34
5 How To Kill A God? 03:58
6 Invasion - Bonus Edit 05:11
7 We Believe - Bonus Edit 05:43

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