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Garrett Miles - Save Me / Limited Promo (MCD)

Garrett Miles - Save Me / Limited Promo (MCD)


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Released on: 09. January 2015

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"SAVE ME" is the result of a German-American co-production and the debut single of the American musician, singer and songwriter Garrett Miles as a solo artist. On one hand, the song lives by Garrett's soulful voice, sometimes fragile, then passionate, giving the listener an insight into his soul. On the other hand the song impresses with an interesting world of sounds, in which powerful synthesizer tones, catchy melodies and piercing beats merge to give it an impactful and modern feel. The lyrics are about a dark period in Garrett Miles’ life when he was at an all time low and no longer knew where to go on his journey. He had lost all of his confidence, saw no sense in what he was doing and was unable to do anything right. His girlfriend Amy lived in Rome having the time of her life, while he was at home making one bad decision after another. He lost countless jobs, stayed out all night and was seeking his own benefit at the expense of others. Each time he had made a mistake, he promised himself he would change, even though deep down he knew he was only betraying himself and others around him. It would cause him total shame and depression.

One night he contemplated ending it all as anything would be better than the state he was in. He considered how he would do it and who he would write and what he would say. It was that night that he wrote the skeleton of what is today’s “SAVE ME.”


No. Track Time
1 Save Me (Radio Version) --
2 Save Me (MaBose Club Mix) --
3 Words don’t mean a thing --
4 Save Me (Instrumental) --

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