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MS Gentur + Sven Phalanx - Lärm Bruit Noise (CD)

MS Gentur + Sven Phalanx - Lärm Bruit Noise (CD)


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Released on: 05. July 2024

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Over the duration of 11 tracks, this album presents a captivating contrast of upfront, aggressive, distorted industrial outbursts and sophisticated atmospheric elements. The result is a dynamic blend that tantalizes both the senses and the intellect. With a minimalistic approach, punctuated by occasional vocal samples, "Lärm Bruit Noise" offers a visceral yet cerebral listening experience.

The collaborative effort between MS GENTUR and SVEN PHALANX unveils a unique synergy, born from their rich and diverse musical backgrounds. Both hailing from the Frankfurt area, these seasoned artists bring over 20 years of experience in the music underground. MS Gentur represents the rhythm noise lineage of the 1990s, with a distinctively old-school style that has garnered a dedicated following, particularly at HANDS festivals, where he remains a fan favorite.

Sven Phalanx, renowned for diverse projects in the fields of ambient as well as EBM, industrial and his recent collaboration project with Andreas Davids. "Lärm Bruit Noise" is a powerful sonic onslaught within a carefully crafted framework, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. The creative chemistry between MS GENTUR and SVEN PHALANX holds promise for a unique musical experience: Raw, bellicose energy and intellectual depth!


No. Track Time
1 Acquired Deficiency 06:41
2 Artificial Intelligence 04:29
3 Bucket Helmet 05:37
4 In Your Dreams 05:46
5 Elektrozone 04:24
6 Broken Ed 05:50
7 Rhythm Shot 03:52
8 Machine Men 04:15
9 Weiterleben 05:09
10 Noise Control 05:07
11 Dstrd #1 04:24

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