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Grausame Töchter - Zyklus (CD)

Grausame Töchter - Zyklus (CD)


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Released on: 09. April 2021

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“Alpha” and “Omega” - beginning and end – with these two almost classical pieces of music, GRAUSAME TÖCHTER describe the birth of the world and all life - as well as their ultimate end - in an astonishingly poignant way.

The time between the beginning and the end is the core subject matter of the album, and it shouldn’t come as a suprise that GRAUSAME TÖCHTER have a brutally dystopic view of society.

The album’s title, “Zyklus”, refers to the perpetual “spinning in a circle” of our species; of us being incarcerated in a hamster wheel, always following nothing but the same routine – all of it is portrayed in a horrific vision.

Humanity is characterized as mean, savage and destructive; trapped in an ever repeating cycle of the same, rotten acts. Now it’s being given what it deserves though: Scathing irony and bitter sarcasm from the mouths of dominant, sadistic women. Of course, Aranea Peel has no qualms about making texts seem drastic and direct, but that never happens without reason: Instead, it always serves a purpose by reflecting the message – lustful, intelligent and without embitterment.

Musically, the new album is diverse and full of variation between Electroclash and Synthpop as well as Electropunk and EBM. A characteristically unique and innovative mix, along with departures into Vivaldi-like Baroque music, soundtrack, acoustic pop, noize and much more. Aside from electronic instruments, the drums, guitar, piano and strings are put to great use as well – particularly the brilliant cello of Bo Tadic. All this culminated in 15 very different tracks, all independent and produced magnificently by Gregor Hennig in Studio Nord in Bremen. Though all the typical ingredients for music are here, you keep getting reminded that GRAUSAME TÖCHTER is one of the few innovative bands in the dark scene that know we live in the year 2021.

“Our music needs to be visualized”, Aranea Peel says. “That’s why there’s gonna be lots of live concerts again. We’re already hard at work for our new performance!” Those who saw Grausame Töchter live know that their concerts are indeed quite spectacular and the furthest thing from boredom.


No. Track Time
1 Alpha 03:07
2 Wilde Wölfe 04:30
3 Alles kaputt! 04:35
4 Annika nimmt Drogen 04:07
5 PENG! PENG! ...TOT! 05:17
6 Respekt und Sex 05:35
7 Klinik 04:54
8 Zyklus 04:21
9 Sarkastische Katzen 04:42
10 Laber laber 04:48
11 Wie ein Hamster 03:49
12 Messer an die Kehle 03:57
13 Fickstück 04:51
14 Süchtig nach Ewigkeit (Rhumba) 04:48
15 Omega 02:38

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