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Gusten - With Disgust (CD)

Gusten - With Disgust (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 14. Juni 2024

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Danish rockers Gusten return with their sophomore album “With Disgust”. Following the self titled debut in 2021 Gusten finally return heavier, angrier, dirtier.

The debut album took Gusten 30 days to write and record but “With Disgust” proved to be a longer journey with the band recording and experimenting with a slow and grinding industrial rock still maintaining the gritty and unpolished sound from their 2021 debut.

“With Disgust” presents the band taking a stand against the current state of affairs with war, climate catastrophe and a growing fascism in the world but also deals with self destruction and insanity - all with high octane beats, memorable riffs and choruses.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Dance of Death --
2 Fused --
3 Grinder --
4 Excuses and Lies --
5 Fools Gold --
6 No More No Less --
7 Mass of Fear --
8 Suburban Suicide --
9 Reflections of Indifference --
10 A Deadly Scent --
11 With Disgust --
12 Satan Baby --
13 Killer In My Brain --
14 Underneath It All --
15 Kingdoms of the Damned --

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