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High Level Static - Carrier Waves (CD)

High Level Static - Carrier Waves (CD)


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Released on: 02. December 2011

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The great spell of silence couldn't hold them back. For nine years they drifted in and out of hibernation, slumbering on the verge of the great sleep. Nine years since their debut album and still their melodies roamed the planet. Yet the spell is broken.. HIGH LEVEL STATIC are back, stronger and better than ever.

"CARRIER WAVES" brings to the world dark atmospheres under heavy beats and rhythms, tracks that could bring havoc to any dancefloor and set them right up there among the established bands of EBM, taking their Futurepop style even further, unsettling and uncompromised.

The masters from Greece have done it again. CARRIER WAVES is not an album to be taken lightly. It is here to stay. HIGH LEVEL STATIC are here to stay, with an album to signify the end of the year. Ever honest and ever true.


No. Track Time
1 Prana 02:02
2 Thoughtforms I (Ascension) 04:13
3 I Am Beneath My Skin 05:37
4 Psygon 04:40
5 Eloise 03:37
6 FTL Drive 04:45
7 Energy Drain 04:28
8 Blade Runner 04:09
9 Ghosts (Inside) 04:54
10 Wounded 04:55
11 Tone Tron 03:03
12 Vorax 04:48
13 Thoughtforms II (Ascension) 04:35
14 (01:12) 01:03

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