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Holocoder - The Eastern Bloc (CD-R)

Holocoder - The Eastern Bloc (CD-R)


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Released on: 06. December 2019

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MIC002 - Weight: 90g

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Originally released in 2018.

The “The Eastern Bloc” (rus. “Восточный Блок”, “Vostochniy Blok”) album by Holocoder is a tribute honoring some of the best Russian post-industrial bands. It features five cover versions performed by Holocoder, and five remixes and covers recorded by the band’s friendly acts. This makes up for almost 70 minutes of highly-energetic music that sounds rather unusual as compared to the signature style of Holocoder.

Holocoder expresses their gratitude to all of the bands that have presented their records for this work. We are also thankful to everyone who keeps attending concerts, supports bands and organizers, and helps spread the word about concerts online, even now in times that are rather tough for the scene.

From industrial hearts to industrial hearts!


No. Track Time
1 В полицейском государстве (eng.: “In the Police State”) (CL-20 cover) --
2 Контроль (eng.: “Control”) (Torch Project cover) --
3 Что-то случилось (eng.: “Something’s Just Happened”) (Антимузыка cover) --
4 Восточный батальон (eng.: “The Eastern Division”) (Pray Project cover) --
5 Рабы электрических цепей (eng.: “Electric Chain Slaves”) (Rusted Sun cover) --
6 Путь (eng.: “The Way”) (Jhonny Box cover) --
7 Arsenic (Obsidian FX cover) --
8 Mechanical Bitch (Xenoreceptor cover) --
9 Sect (Terrorgazm cover) --
10 DJ Люцифер (eng.: “DJ Lucifer”) (ШТУRМ cover) --
11 Дисциплина (eng.: “Discipline’) (ШТУRМ beat RMX) --
12 Железобетон (eng.: “Concrete Steel”) (Pray Project remix) --
13 Enemy Nation (Obsidian FX remix) --
14 Ледяной рассвет (eng.: “The Dawn of Ice”) (Ultimate Soldier remix) --
15 Что-то злое (eng.: “Something Evilous”) (Torch Project cover) --

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