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IMJUDAS - Viscerheart (CD)

IMJUDAS - Viscerheart (CD)


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MJUDAS, the solo project of Maxx Maryan from the Electro-Goth/Pop Metal duo HELALYN FLOWERS, releases his highly anticipated new album, “Viscerheart”.

Diving into emotional turmoil, “Viscerheart” explores love, suffering, obsession, and self-discovery, breaking down narrative barriers. Described as ‘Electro-synth Pop with a Goth soul,’ IMJUDAS fearlessly embraces vulnerability, inviting listeners on a captivating journey through human emotions.

The title holds deep significance, reflecting the emotional journey woven through dark pop masterpieces. IMJUDAS’ unique blend of synth pop, dark wave, and post punk sets him apart in the genre, creating a mesmerizing fusion.

With standout vocals, IMJUDAS combines influences from DEPECHE MODE and GARY NUMAN to modern Electro in tracks like “Tazebao” and “Go Away”. The album showcases his sonic evolution, culminating in the infectious Dark Pop / Post-Punk / Cold-Wave anthem, “I Love You”.

“Viscerheart” pushes sound boundaries, drawing inspiration from EDM/Dance-Pop and venturing into sonic abstraction. This meticulously crafted production features intricate instrumentation, driving basslines, and toxic liquid wave-y guitars, creating a lush dark and polished sonic palette.

IMJUDAS invites music enthusiasts on a hauntingly beautiful sonic and human journey. With crystal-clear production, heartfelt lyricism, and infectious melodies, “Viscerheart” resonates as a testament to IMJUDAS’ artistic vocation.


No. Track Time
1 I love you --
2 Red bridge --
3 Tazebao --
4 Lost my faith in nirvana --
5 Stjudas --
6 Viscerheart --
7 Our future --
8 Go away --
9 The risk of surviving --
10 You gotta live --
11 Paper skeletons --
12 Illusion --

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