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Intent:Outtake - Der Stille Tod (2CD)

Intent:Outtake - Der Stille Tod (2CD)


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Released on: 03. March 2023

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According to meteorologists, storms are expected earlier then normal in 2023. March 3rd there will be the first big storm, when the guys from INTENT:OUTTAKE will publish their 5th LP with the Dark Dimensions Labelgroup. “Der Stille Tod”, German for silent death, is the name of the new Album and it gives DJ’s enough new tracks to fill the dancefloors. The loud protest of the 2 musicians from Leipzig doesn’t only consist of quick danceable Beats. Just as known from the past Albums of the 2 dark electricians, there are also slower, but no less powerful tracks on the LP. Therefor “Der Stille Tod” builds a strong, powerful Mix of electrical sounds with clear vocals and shouting passages, in English as well as in German.

The EP “TIC TOC TOD” with its’ title named title song was the vanguard to what will follow in March. These 12 tracks on the album tackle socially critical topics as well as the permanent topic of war. The song “Gott:Innen” for example combines both topics in one song, because no matter how you stand to gendering, it is fair enough to say, that there are bigger problems in this world.

For the first time in their band history the Album will also be offered in a limited and numbered fanbox. On the day of publication the band will start a small tour through Germany with stops in Leipzig, Hannover, Berlin and Oberhausen. Later that year INTENT:OUTTAKE will play the Mera Luna Festival as well as the Helsinki-Industrial-Festival in Finland. Furthermore there of course are more live gigs in the planning, even in other European countries. Bastian and Andreas are excited to celebrate their fifth studio Album together with their fans.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Die Stille davor 01:57
2 Moloch 05:11
3 Tabula Rasa 05:08
4 Panopticon 05:28
5 We are Stars 06:03
6 No Regrets 05:21
7 Gott:innen 04:57
8 Tic Toc Tod (Album Edit) 04:44
9 Wie der Sturm 05:44
10 The Right Way 06:21
11 Time is running out 05:06
12 In Nomine Patris 05:18

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Beyond Storm 05:34
2 WTTNA 06:05
3 Gib nicht auf 05:55
4 Gott:innen (Gott:außen Remix by Centhron) 03:26
5 Generation Dead (The Saint Paul Transwarp Mix) 05:13
6 Tabula Rasa (Vdoc Remix) 04:51

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