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Jauntix - Dysonia (CD)

Jauntix - Dysonia (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 15. März 2024

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Jauntix2022 - Gewicht: 125g

Verkaufsrang: 196 [ Höchste Platzierung: 98 ]

The band says:

"The history of the polish band began around 1989, when Marcin and Norbert (friends from primary school - age 16) had a quite simple keyboard instruments such as Casio and Yamaha (no one even remembers the types anymore), we started creating simple instrumentals compositions.

While looking for a vocalist, after many months we "recruited" Damian, who was a vocalist from one of the Wieliczka music groups. Already as a trio, we started working on our first album entitled Scenes from the 20th century in the fall of 1991. We recorded and produced the material in the JM studio in Cracow and it was released on cassette tape in February 1992. While promoting the released album at concerts, we already had more songs in mind that we were working on. We also started recording them in the JM studio in April and May 1992.

Newly released material titled "Atlantyda" (on cassette and CD), we had the opportunity to promote on Debuts and the "Not only rock" concert of the 19th Polish Song Festival in Opole The promotion of our band at the Opole festival resulted in incredible popularity andmany concerts all over Poland. The album Atlantyda, four months after its premiere, obtained the status of a "Golden Record"

Still having many new musical ideas, in 1993 we started working on the third album "Dolina Płaczu", which, according to us and many listeners, showed our new, more a more mature musical face. The advantage of this third album (although opinions are divided here) is its enormous diversity, resulting from the fact that separate musical trends and fascinations crystallized in each of us, which ultimately led to the band's breakup at the end of 1993.

Many, many - really many years have passed (28 to be precise) when we as Marcin and Damian decided to start creating music again (2019). The result of almost two years of working together was the double album Moment (self-published in April 2021), which includes 13 new versions of songs from the 90s (Marcin's compositions) and 13 completely new songs. It should be added here that Gosia made a significant contribution both in the 1990s, friend since secondary school and author of lyrics (such as Atlantyda)

To meet the large group of fans, in December 2020, we released a 3-CD album CD 1991 – 1993, containing all songs from that period. We recorded our next album called Dysonia in 2022 under our own label Marsound.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 jaki jestem 04:47
2 nie 04:05
3 po co 05:24
4 let me go 04:50
5 chmur złudzenie 05:26
6 relax 04:33
7 winność 04:36
8 dysonia 05:12
9 deszcz 06:03
10 cisza 00:13
11 winność (instrumental) 05:26
12 nasze oblicze trance style bonus track 03:49
13 nasze oblicze (80s style bonus track) 03:14

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