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Junksista - High Voltage Confessions (CD)

Junksista - High Voltage Confessions (CD)


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Released on: 21. November 2014

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Second album from this German electro funk duo. Strong from the tsunami wave of response received from every corner of the world by their "Bad Case of Fabulous" CD as well as its, no less than, five singles taken from this exciting album, JUNKSISTA did not take any time to rest: The new album will once again lots of ink, blood, sweat, laugh, love and tears... “High Voltage Confessions” sounds like nothing else but what artists can produce when they do not deny their origins, when they do not try to follow trends and when they pursuit their very own and unique style...

The German duo offers us again their characteristic fresh and electric mix of bursting grooves, funky guitars, deep basslines, catchy synth tunes, sensual half-sung half-spoken female vocals and JUNKSISTA's signature touch of tongue-in-cheek humour...

Versatile per definition and danceable per provocation, this new album is another sparkling cocktail of Pop, Electro, Rock, Funk and Dance, allowing both Boog and Diana S. to mix their eclectic wide range of influences at wish without any reserve, but also to sharpen and grow even more as producers, songwriters and lyricists.

The album also features some special and juicy collaborations: with renowned singer, actress and 80's icon Jane Badler (remember the sexually charged villain Diana of cult classic TV program ‘V’?) on "Live A Little", with Suicide Girl Gogo Blackwater on the memorable and addictive "Panties" as well as with live-member and designer artist Gaëlle Cinnamon for her lush Lolita-ish French vocals on the vintage synth pop "I Said". JUNKSISTA's hardcore fans will of course favour the in-your-face dirtiness of songs like "Strictly Physical", "Sex on a Stick" or yet the unmatched hyper groovy hip-hop anthem "P.I.T.T." (Punch in the Twat) featuring hilarious vocal recordings from fans who joined a competition organised by the band on their junk galore blog...

A high energy and pretty much addictive masterpiece to enjoy and consume without moderation: dance and shake your ass to JUNKSISTA in the most inappropriate way – no worry – we all will!!!


No. Track Time
1 Get A Grip --
2 Live A Little (feat. Jane Badler) --
3 I Hate You --
4 Sex On A Stick --
5 The Truth --
6 I Said --
7 True Love --
8 Strom --
9 P.I.T.T. --
10 Strictly Physical --
11 Confide --
12 Panties --
13 Happiness --

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