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Kaibun - Gloomy Alice and Sinister Jack (CD)

Kaibun - Gloomy Alice and Sinister Jack (CD)


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Released on: 19. May 2017

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HANDS D243 - Weight: 90g

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In Hands paper pack

An electronic musical tragedy, a tale of decline: It has taken Laurent “LE MODERNISTE” Delogne and Marie Hubart four years to produce their sophomore album for HANDS - and it’s quite a renunciation of the rhythmic indus trial/techno hybrid of “Illogism”. Devoid of upfront aggression, there is an ongoing current of profound rhythmic pulse on “Gloomy Alice & Sinister Jack” which echoes the more sublime facets of dark techno.

The experimental, noise-shaping sound design of Le Moderniste takes its toll on Kaibun as well, resulting in soundscapes on the psyched-out fringes of electronica, with the overall result being surprisingly harmonious, contemporary minimal IDM at its best.


No. Track Time
1 Gloomy Alice and Sinister Jack (Theme) --
2 Fooling all we can expect --
3 Prozac doesn’t protect us anymore --
4 Find peace in self harming --
5 Alice contemplates her blood flowing under the razor blade --
6 Blood soaked kiss (pain dividing) --
7 The soporific effect of deliverance stuns out dark desires --
8 Grim monotony in the hazy mind of Jack --
9 We share the same wish --
10 And all those silences remain --
11 They decide to accept the invitation --
12 Hand in hand, they are waiting --
13 Memories and regrets floats in a desolated place (called heart) --
14 And the time goes by.... Death’s approach --

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