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Kalte Nacht - Urge / Limited Transparent Clear Edition (12" Vinyl)

Kalte Nacht - Urge / Limited Transparent Clear Edition (12\" Vinyl)


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Limited Edition of 250 copies, on TRANSPARENT CLEAR Vinyl

Kalte Nacht in their own words on their eagerly awaited all new album: “U R G E took almost 2 years to come to life. Through many hours in our home studios, exchanging thoughts and feelings and learning from each other. In these 8 tracks, we summed up key internal moments of this deep, unavoidable journey, this dive within, expressing through our music language how they were actually felt to our TOUCH, HEARD with our ears, TASTED, SMELLED, and SEEN through our eyes.

It’s really a strong desire to co-exist, co-create, reunite, trust, and bring hope closer to us all. It’s made of tiny bits of conscious actions each and every day, nurtured and encompassed by love. It’s an effort to spit light into our shadowy corners of being and approach with tenderness and honesty what it means to be a human. It’s our TRUTH. Many unique people helped to shape it, in their own incredible way, others without even knowing it. We truly thank them all, as it wouldn’t be possible without them!”


Nr. Track Zeit
A1 Runaway --
A2 In a wild Wave --
A3 Dare to Defy --
A4 A Howling Waltz --
B1 The last Breath --
B2 Trust Fall --
B3 Where the deep Seas meet --
B4 Confession --

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