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Kanga - Kanga / ReRelease (CD)

Kanga - Kanga / ReRelease (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 24. März 2023

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Re-release for Kanga’s debut, originally released by Negative Gain in 2006 and out of print for ages. Her albums ‘Eternal Daughter’ (2020) and ‘You and I will never die’ (2021), both released on Artoffact, were slowly increasing sales over past years and developed to good sellers for the label, especially also thanks to memorable live-activity as support act for GARY NUMAN (and others). He wrote about Kanga: "I first heard of Kanga when someone told me about her brilliant cover of ‘Metal’ (a Gary Numan track from 1979!)and I’ve been watching her career grow ever since. She’s remarkable, in the studio and on stage."

The self-titled debut from electronic pop sensation KANGA is highly recommended if you like Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan and Grimes. Features the cult hit Going Red! Press quote: “Kanga is an industrial-pop sorceress whose spellbinding electronics is taking the scene by storm.” —BrutalResonance


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Something Dangerous --
2 Going Red --
3 Honey --
4 Viciousness --
5 Saviour --
6 Dissonance --
7 Vital Signs --
8 Tension --
9 Animal --
10 Machine --

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