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Kill Shelter & Death Loves Veronica - The Sex Tape Sessions / Limited Edition (CD)

Kill Shelter & Death Loves Veronica - The Sex Tape Sessions / Limited Edition (CD)


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Released on: 31. March 2023

Immediately available

8016670155201 - Weight: 75g

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CD in 6-panel Digipak, limited Edition of 300 copies!

Kill Shelter & Death Loves Veronica’s first multimedia collaborative work, was leaked early. Various pre-release bootleg cassettes and VHS tapes were in circulation ahead of official Date.

This special release features two new tracks as well as two remixes of material from Death Loves Veronica’s album “Chemical” along with a set of extended mixes. The bootleg VHS videos contain adult material that does not appear in any of the official releases.

“I never expected something so deep or so personal from this collaboration - it almost reveals too much. I think listeners will be drawn in, if not by primal curiosity, by intrigue or simply a desire for more. I can only hope it captivates those curious and daring enough to take a listen.” - Veronica Stich, Death Loves Veronica

“As artists, we often bare our souls and our innermost thoughts in the creation of music. We are purveyors of stories and secrets. As music buyers, we are often invited to listen in on other people’s private and deeply personal thoughts and feelings. We are spectators buying our way into someone else’s world. “The Sex Tape Sessions” is an exploration of that idea surfacing highly emotive themes of sex, passion and death.” - Pete Burns, Kill Shelter


No. Track Time
1 Sex Tape --
2 The Sinner [Kill Shelter Extended Remix] --
3 Resist --
4 Death Kiss [Kill Shelter Extended Remix] --
5 Sex Tape [Extended Mix] --
6 The Sinner [Kill Shelter Remix] --
7 Resist [Extended Mix] --
8 Death Kiss [Kill Shelter Remix] --

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