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Kirlian Camera - Radio Signals For The Dying (2CD)

Kirlian Camera - Radio Signals For The Dying (2CD)


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Released on: 23. February 2024

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KIRLIAN CAMERA are an ever churning maelstrom of creativity and musical innovation. Their inspirational power is both, destructive when it comes to limitations of genre, style, and conventions as well as constructive for example regarding building a new sonic architecture on the ruins of the old. The Italians latest masterpiece, "Radio Signals for the Dying", is no exception as a new artistic high-watermark. On the surface, KIRLIAN CAMERA continue on the dark musical path they chose to follow on their previous double album "Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)" (2021). It speaks volumes about the Italian electro-provocateurs' extreme level of energy that the band is able to follow up such a massive work with another powerful double full-length. Yet "Radio Signals for the Dying" is anything but a mere repeat of its glorious predecessor. Instead KIRLIAN CAMERA subtly change their sound design by a thousand smart details, delightful tricks, grand effects, unexpected twists, digressions, and clever variations of existing themes. For many decades, KIRLIAN CAMERA have inhabited and continue to dwell in a realm of multi-layered constructions and occult transcendence as well as subversive content that has always been at the core of their art. In the past, their unapologetic at times outrageous delight to provoke and to hold a truth-telling mirror to the world has repeatedly sparked controversy. Having passed their impressive 40th anniversary as a constantly evolving, ever changing band that has never ceased to search for new answers, KIRLIAN CAMERA invite the listener with "Radio Signals for the Dying" to join them on an adventurous musical journey to occult dimensions and magical places of dangerous beauty and joyful darkness. The Italians are electronic shamans, rock mystics, sonic revolutionaries, and high priests of the free arts that are again reborn as a musical phoenix in creative fire.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Il Tempo Profondo --
2 Stella Ominis --
3 Winter (In memory of Adrian Borland) --
4 Götter, Geht Weg! --
5 Monarch Architecture --
6 Wrong --
7 Madre Nera --
8 Luminous Shade (incl. Julian Assange's speech excerpts) --

Tracklisting CD2:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Great Unknown --
2 C. R. U. D (Corpse Recovery Unit D) --
3 Deleted MSG --
4 Genocide Litanies --
5 Il Tempo profondo (Radio Signal version) --
6 Esilio --
7 We Have To Amputate --
8 Homicide Aristocracy --

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