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KRAFTman - Electrique Fabrique 12 Inch Mixes / Limited Edition (CD)

KRAFTman - Electrique Fabrique 12 Inch Mixes / Limited Edition (CD)


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Released on: 15. July 2022

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RAZ 066 - Weight: 100g

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Super limited edition of 150 hand-numbered copies!

Released at the very end of 2021, KRAFTMAN album "Electrique Fabrique" became a largely unexpected success in the Razgrom Music roster and was enthusiastically received by fans of the classic electronic sound of the 70s-80s of the last century. This should not be surprising, because the creator of KRAFTMAN Gary Hunter from Manchester, UK, became fan of synthesizer and electronic music just at those times, and one of the albums that shaped his musical preferences for many years was "Man Machine" from KRAFTWERK. Indeed, the obvious parallels between music of KRAFTMAN and KRAFTWERK can be easily drawn and this is very good! Because today is a big shortage of musical projects that could create such high-quality, authentic, elegant and melodic electronic music and KRAFTMAN releases can become a real outlet for all those electro-fans who do not want to turn aside from the long-loved musical "Autobahn" .

In the wake of the success of "Electric Fabrique", KRAFTMAN prepared a special release of "Electrique Fabrique 12 Inch Mixes", which includes newly reworked and expanded versions of the tracks from the original album, which also underwent additional remastering. It's better to explain briefly: remember how remixes sounded on 12 Inch Singles/maxi singles from the eighties? These extra-heavy-beats, enhanced rhythm sections, extended length of tracks, etc. - all this is present on "Electrique Fabrique 12 Inch Mixes".


No. Track Time
1 Waiting For The Day (12 Inch Edit) --
2 Atomkraft (Vapourized 12 Inch Mix) --
3 A Face I Knew (12 Inch Version) --
4 Gamma Rays (12 Inch Radiation Mix) --
5 Call Me Up (Long Distance Call) --
6 Electrique Fabrique (12 Inch Version) --
7 Giro D'Italia (Longer) --
8 The Lonely Robots (12 Inch Version) --
9 Bundesautobahn 52 (892km Journey) --
10 Florian (Matrix 12 Inch Mix) --

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