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KRAFTman - Electrique Fabrique (CD)

KRAFTman - Electrique Fabrique (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 14. Januar 2022

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RAZ 062 - Gewicht: 100g

Verkaufsrang: 469 [ Höchste Platzierung: 6 ]

New additions to "Machine-Pop Razgrom Music List" - welcome KRAFTman from Manchester, UK! Gary Hunter is a longtime and passionate fan of the mighty pioneers of electronic music KRAFTWERK, since the seventies, in the last century, so the concept of his solo-project KRAFTman is logically strongly inspired by the work of this great German band. However, while maintaining a dedication to the classic analog electronic sound, Gary also discovered a new generation of musical projects that now record music in a similar retro-electro style (DATAPOP, MASCHINE BRENNT, KOSMONAUTE, SECTOR ONE, UNISONLAB, etc.), and even became a close friend with the musicians of the Belgian projects METROLAND and 808 DOT POP and made official promo videos for both bands and a full length Multimedia documentary about Metroland, which was released by the band.

Gradually the idea of his own musical creativity was embodied in the KRAFTman music project, which saw KRAFTman re-work the Metroland track “Gamma Rays” and 808 Dot Pop remix a KRAFTman track, and finally the recording of the debut album "Electrique Fabrique", which can be called a real gift for all fans of authentic KRAFTWERK sound - here the atmosphere of subtle and intelligent "electronic noir" from the bygone era of electronic music is skillfully recreated with passion and love.

The CD version of "Electrique Fabrique" is exclusively available through Razgrom Music and includes four additional bonus tracks. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Waiting For The Day --
2 Atomkraft --
3 A Face I Knew --
4 Gamma Rays --
5 Call Me Up --
6 Electrique Fabrique --
7 Giro D’Italia --
8 The Lonely Robots --
9 Bundesautobahn 52 --
10 Florian --
11 A Face I Knew (VST Mix) --
12 Gamma Rays (Radio Version) --
13 Giro D’Italia (Theme) --
14 Florian (Maschine Brennt Radio Edit Remix) --

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