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KRAFTman - Giro D’Italia / Special Edition (CD)

KRAFTman - Giro D’Italia / Special Edition (CD)


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Released on: 16. December 2022

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RAZ 068 - Weight: 100g

Sales rank: 181 [ Peak: 2 ]

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies with three additional bonus tracks.

After the success of KRAFTMAN's previous album "Electrique Fabrique", this project by Gary Hunter from Manchester, UK, has attracted the attention of many fans of authentic electronic music and old-school synth-pop, and has even reached the bestseller lists of some online music stores. And in the autumn of 2022, KRAFTMAN presents its second album, which is a strictly thematic and conceptual work.

What exactly is the concept and idea of this album, it immediately becomes clear from its title: "Giro D'Italia". Of course, this is a famous bicycle race, and a bicycle topic in general. As an avid (and longstanding) fan of KRAFTWERK, Gary often implicitly (and sometimes even explicitly) uses various references and associative links between his own work and the classic works of these german pioneers of electronic music. But the music of KRAFTWERK is not only about robots, computers and machines, but also about bicycles, and as a kind of ideological continuation of the well-known “Tour De France”, an obvious "bicycle homage" from KRAFTMAN follows as the release of “Giro D'Italia ". On this album analog and vintage machine-pop goes side by side with melodic electronic instrumental tracks, robo-vocoders and elegant minimal electro - highly recommended for fans of such projects as METROLAND, 808 DOT POP, REAKTON, DEUTSCHE BANK, DATAPOP, MASCHINE BRENNT, KOSMONAUTE, SECTOR ONE!


No. Track Time
1 Prologue / When The Race Is Won --
2 Riding Through The Alps --
3 Ritmo Della Pioggia --
4 Passo Dello Stevio --
5 Giro ‘22 --
6 The Pelaton --
7 A Day Of Rest --
8 La Gazzetta Dello Sport --
9 On The Way To Victory --
10 Leggende Italiane Del Giro D’Italia --
11 King Of The Mountains --
12 La Maglia Rosa --
13 Luigi Ganna / Epilogue --
14 Bonus: Giro ’22 (Theme) --
15 Bonus: Riding Through The Alps (Theme) --
16 Bonus: Passo Dello Stevio (7 Inch Version) --

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