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Krystal System - Nuclear / Limited Edition (2CD)

Krystal System - Nuclear / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 17. June 2011

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Two years later, the Paris-based combo is busy preparing its new frontal assault with their new CD: "Nuclear". An album of extreme music strength, atomizing everything on its way in the quest for the ultimate light, for that burning unreachable point at the end of the infinite horizon. Thirteen powerful new tracks, each standing alone on itself and bringing its very own contribution to the album's sound depth and concept theme.

Fresh, brilliant, dark, upbeat and heavy, "Nuclear" is a splendid album performed with no compromise but in all simplicity at the crossroad of industrial metal and electro rock.

An addictive chef d'oeuvre also released as a deluxe double-CD limited carton box edition with poster and a sparkling bonus CD featuring several exclusive remixes by the duo itself as well as the unreleased cyber punk cut "Dead World", plus a selection of fruitful collaborations between KRYSTAL SYSTEM and artists like the famous Japanese DJ Taiki, their neighbors TREPONEM PAL and PUNISH YOURSELF, DJ's Ethan Fawkes and DJ Drill/Edrive69 or yet label mates masters IMPLANT and AMGOD.

Tracklisting CD1:

Nr. Track Time
1 Fiction 04:11
2 Un État Dhypnose 04:19
3 World Is Calling 03:51
4 So Long 03:33
5 Automatic Ideology 03:30
6 Rat Track 03:39
7 Nuclear Winter 04:12
8 Iron Song 03:45
9 Requiem 03:21
10 Nowhere 03:38
11 Around The World 04:45
12 Le Chaos 04:11
13 Sanctuary 04:12
14 Le Chaos (Radio Edit) 04:06

Tracklisting CD2: "Nuclear Electronik Projekt"

No. Track Time
1 Dead World (Remix By KRYSTAL SYSTEM) 02:46
2 Around The World (Territory Vision Remix By DJ TAIKI) 06:19
3 Nuclear Winter (Not Alone Remix By KRYSTAL SYSTEM) 04:18
4 So Long (Never Surrender Mix By AMGOD) 05:37
5 Nuclear Winter (Quatre Vingt Quatre Remix By IMPLANT) 03:57
6 Automatic Ideology (Berlinindusdrill69 By EDRIVE69 And DJ DRILL) 05:02
7 Around The World (Edit By TREPONEM PAL) 04:13
8 Fiction (Whisper Version By KRYSTAL SYSTEM) 04:17
9 Un État Dhypnose (Apocalyptic Side By PUNISH YOURSELF Vs SONIC AREA) 03:26
10 Sanctuary (ETHAN FAWKES Remix) 04:48
11 Automatic Ideology (Maxi Vinyl By KRYSTAL SYSTEM) 04:19
12 White Light (Original Iron Song Version By KRYSTAL SYSTEM) 03:21
13 Le Chaos (Final Tape By KRYSTAL SYSTEM) 04:06

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